Compact High-Performance Fuse

SCHURTER expands its UMT-H series, adding new current ratings 20 A, 25 A and 30 A. The addition of the higher current ratings provide the widest range of currents in its compact SMD form factor, totaling 24 rated currents between 160 mA and 30 A at varying voltages up to 277 VAC and 250 VDC.

The compact SMD fuse, UMT-H, stands out with its high breaking capacity of 1500 A. It is UL approved up to 6.3 A at 277 VAC and up to 30 A at 250 VAC, with rated breaking capacity from 1500 A to 100 A depending on rated voltage. It also stands out with VDE approval up to 16 A at 250 VAC, remarkable and uncontested in its class.

PCBs become replaceable, as maintenance costs rise and board circuitry becomes smaller, more dense and inexpensive. The UMT-H fuse ratings compare to traditional cylindrical shaped fuses, e.g. 5 x 20 mm, but in a smaller compact SMD design. With its square, compact design, the UMT-H is well suited for more cost-effective, automated assembly. Applications include power supplies, high end servers, PC voltage regulators and fans for servers, Advance Telecommunication Computing Architecture (ATCA) applications for cloud computing, and battery management systems.

Additionally, the UMT-H is impermeable to conformal coatings. This feature along with a > 10 mm distance between end-caps, and a 1500 A rating up to 6.3 A, makes this compact fuse ideal for intrinsically safe applications according to IEC 60079-11. Such applications include test, measurement and diagnostics equipment in areas of oil and gas, chemical, mining, as well as devices used by first responders.

SCHURTER will further extend the UMT-H range later this year with the addition of current ratings 63 mA – 125 mA. Pricing starts at around $1.23 each per 100 pieces. Packaging is 100 pieces per bulk or 1500 pieces on tape and reel.