40V High-Current Robust Power MOSFETs Optimized for Power Conversion Applications

IXYS announced a new generation of high-current Trench devices: 40V TrenchT4 Power MOSFETs. Available at either 270A or 340A current rating, they are optimized for DC to DC converters, synchronous rectification in switched-mode power conversion applications, high current Solid State Relays and motor control applications.

With on-state resistance as low as 1.7 milliohms (sub 1 milliohm Ron devices soon to be released), these TrenchT4 devices enable a reduction in the number of MOSFETs needed, especially in synchronous rectification. Paralleling multiple devices may not be necessary due to their high-current carrying capability and high power density, thereby simplifying the power system and improving its reliability at the same time.

The new MOSFETs are avalanche rated as well and can withstand a junction temperature of up to 175 degrees C making them robust against device failures caused by voltage transients and the accidental turn-on of parasitic bipolar transistors inherent in the MOSFET structure. Also, the low reverse recovery charge of the body diode mitigates voltage overshoots and reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI).

These new 40V TrenchT4 Power MOSFETs are available in the following international standard size packages: TO-220, TO-263(3 or 7-lead), SOT-227 and TO-247. Some example part numbers are IXTH270N04T4, IXTP270N04T4, IXTA340N04T4-7, and IXTH340N04T4. The first two are rated at 270A and the last two 340A.