Conductive Polymer Capacitor Series with New Case Size, Improved Energy Ratings

AVX Corporation has extended its J-CAP Series conductive polymer capacitors with conductive polymer electrodes, which already delivered the highest energy per volume (Joules/cc) of any SMT capacitor available on the market.

Now available in a large 7361-15 case with a low 1.5mm height profile, and capable of delivering up to an industry-leading 38.8mJ in low-profile SMD designs, J-CAP Series capacitors each feature a conductive polymer electrode that exhibits a benign failure mode under recommended use conditions, and undertab terminations that enable high both volumetric efficiency in small, low-profile case sizes and close positioning for efficient, high-density PCB layouts.

These attributes, combined with the series’ high energy, low ESR (50-300mW at 100kHz), and low DCL (0.1CV), allow J-CAP capacitors to deliver compact and cost effective high-energy solutions ideal for backup power applications in demanding solid-state drives (SSDs)- including multilevel cells (MLCs), single-level cells (SLCs), enterprise flash drives (EFDs), and PCI Express (PCIe) drives – in addition to battery-powered portable equipment, industrial alarms, smart power meters, and other mobile devices.