Liquid Gel Thermal Interface Materials

Henkel Adhesive Technologies announced an addition to its line of Bergquist Liqui-Form Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) with the market introduction of Liqui-Form 3500.  A one-part, thermally conductive, liquid formable gel, Liqui-Form 3500 combines high thermal conductivity with process flexibility and excellent reliability.

Designed to provide a balance between dispensability, low component stress and reworkability, Liqui-Form 3500 delivers high conductivity of 3.5 W/m-K in a formulation that accommodates modern manufacturing environments.  The viscosity of the material is exceptionally stable and is maintained during storage, processing and within the application.

“In many cases, Liqui-Form gels are an ideal replacement for traditional thermal interface pads,” explains Jerry Schmitz, Liqui-Form Product Line Manager.  “With assemblies that have numerous small parts, manually placing multiple pads is cumbersome, labor-intensive and can introduce unnecessary mechanical stress during final assembly. In applications with high value boards requiring end-of-line rework, Liqui-Form 3500 is quickly removed with a wipe and a final clean.  The inherently low adhesion stress minimizes risk of damage when disassembling the part, allowing manufacturers to preserve the integrity of the printed circuit board assembly.”

As Liqui-Form 3500 is pre-cured and has a higher viscosity than conventional thermal greases, it does not suffer from material migration – or “pump out” – over time, which contributes to its long-term reliability.  In addition, the material has low volumetric expansion and stability in continuous use at temperatures as high as 200°C.  Industry-leading low ionics is also a unique characteristic of Liqui-Form 3500, significantly reducing the threat of any potential electrical issues. 


Henkel Adhesive Technologies.