February 2012:- Capacitors for Power Factor Correction (PFC) in single-phase and three-phase circuits, are a low-cost solution compared to Active Power Factor Correction circuits. Three-phase PFC capacitors are now available also from Aerovax Corp. Aerovox AeroPower power factor correction (PFC) capacitors include round 3-phase designs with mounting studs. Aerovax Euro-style capacitors feature a vacuum-impregnated metalized polypropylene, round aluminum case with M12 mounting studs and a three-contact metric terminal block. They are manufactured at the company’s facility in China and will be inventoried in the USA, to provide fast delivery throughout the world.

Power Factor Correction (PFC) CapacitorsThe Euro-style capacitors are available in over forty standard configurations, with ratings from 240 to 600 VAC, 50 Hz and 60 Hz, including versions for high harmonic applications. They are built to UL 810 and IEC 60831 standards and are UL Recognized and cUL Recognized. Added safety features include a pressure interrupter, self-healing technology and external discharge resistors. All Aerovox PFC capacitors are constructed using high quality materials and Lean Six Sigma manufacturing processes to provide reliable performance and long life during continuous use.

Aerovox manufactures both single and three-phase power factor correction capacitors up to 4,800 VAC. AeroPower PFC capacitors are designed for high reliability applications, and have a life rating of over 200,000 hours. They are manufactured to withstand harmonic currents, with a special high harmonic version available.

Aerovox is a leading manufacturer of capacitors for industrial, medical and specialized applications, with world-class design, manufacturing and testing facilities. Aerovox capacitors are among the world’s most reliable components. The company’s extensive custom design and development capabilities coupled with its broad, standardized product offerings allow it to provide intelligent capacitor solutions that meet or exceed customers’ application requirements.

Applications of AeroPower power factor correction (PFC) capacitors

• Power Factor Correction Systems
• Harmonic Filters
• Alternative Energy Power Systems
• Induction Heating Capacitor Alternatives
• Single and three phase power supplies
• Loss of KVAR/fault detection