Infineon Technologies Bipolar is launching the Infineon Power
Start family of modules designed for low-voltage soft-starter applications.
With its new design, Power Start focuses on reducing complexity and number of
components. Customers, in return, profit from shorter development times and
simplified production processes of soft starters. Typical low-voltage soft-start
applications include belt conveyors, big fans, and mills. Most of all, they can
be found in pumps that are used for water and wastewater transportation as well
as for oil production.


The new design
concept of the Power Start module allows for one slim footprint of 55 mm
fitting a broad range of current classes with an integrated heatsink. The
module makes use of double-sided cooling and can withstand overload currents of
up to 2,200 A for a duration of 21 seconds. The soft-starter modules are
available with blocking voltages of 1,600 V in the current classes starting at
800 A, 1,400 A, 1,900 A, and 2,200 A.