Ethernet isn’t just for computers anymore. Powerline Ethernet Adapters are ideal for use with Internet enabled devices that demand high bandwidth, such as DVDR, HDTV, IPTV, VOIP, Set-Top-Box, 3DTV, IPTV, Blu-Ray players, Video gaming players, etc. Powerline Ethernet ensures high quality, consistent performance for: HD video, audio streaming, digital media adapter, Internet gaming, VoIP calls, etc. Powerline Ethernet offers speeds up to 200 Mbps with encrypted security.

Powerline Communications adapters provide high speed internet available through your household network via every electrical plug in your home or office. Powerline Adapters are also used for home networking your computers. Powerline adapters are a solution for those areas where wireless is inconsistent. They are a secure way to expand your computer network.

Powerline adapters are easy to install and use, Powerline ethernet network adapters plug straight in to any 3 pin mains socket. They will automatically detect one another and form a network between themselves using your existing mains wires rather than requiring you to install specialised network cable.

If you have problems with your wireless network not working properly through your walls and ceilings, this powerline ethernet networking adapter is probably the answer you have been seeking

Powerline Adapters were previously limited by interference from the electrical noise generated by appliances and household gadgets using the same circuit, but the latest generation appears to have largely overcome that problem. Also, the powerline adapters offer a theoretical speed of about 200Mbit/sec., which is enough to handle digital video signals, even when actual throughput is less than half the theoretical speed (as is common with Ethernet).

Powerline Adapters offer configurable encryption, both to prevent eavesdropping and to avoid crosstalk with other networks of powerline adapters that might reside on the same circuit. (All powerline adapters downstream from the power company’s transformer can hear one another.) If they come with any software at all, it is intended primarily to set the encryption key.