The LT6658 precision 2.5V dual output reference combines the performance of a low drift low noise reference and a linear regulator.


Linear Technology - LT6658 Refulator 200mA


Linear Technology announces the LT6658, a precision
voltage reference that incorporates two high current output buffers. Based on a 2.5V bandgap voltage
reference, each output can be separately configured for any voltage between 2.5V and 6V. Both
outputs offer 0.05% initial accuracy, 10ppm/°C temperature drift and only 1.5ppm of low frequency
noise. The outputs can drive up to 50mA and 150mA, respectively, and sink up to 20mA. Typical
load regulation is only 0.1ppm/mA with up to 150mA of load current. In parallel, the buffer outputs
can be combined for even higher current capability.

The LT6658 is ideal for driving the reference input for a high resolution ADC or DAC using
one output, while simultaneously supplying power to other devices using the second output. Both
outputs track each other over temperature and load, allowing them to address applications requiring
ratiometric supply rails. The outputs have excellent supply rejection and are stable with up to 50µF
over the entire specified operating range. With this output capability, the LT6658 can serve as both
reference and regulator combined. Alternatively, the LT6658 can be used to generate a reference plus
a virtual ground, or as two matched, tracking references.