Thinfilm (Thin Film Electronics ASA), a provider of advanced printed memory technology, and PARC (Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated), a Xerox company, announced that they are working together to provide next-generation memory technology enabled through printed electronics.

Thinfilm is a pioneer in the field of Printed Electronics, and provides fully printed non-volatile, rewritable memory for applications in toys & games, logistics, sensor, and ID systems.

Thinfilm Printed MemoryAn essential element of most electronics devices, memory is required for identification, tracking status and history, information storage, and more. Thinfilm is commercializing fully printed, rewritable memory for application in specific markets—including toys and games—and is developing contact-based memory arrays for higher-capacity applications. Combining Thinfilm’s memory products with PARC’s printed thin-film transistor technology will allow the development of integrated systems as part of Thinfilm’s product roadmap.

Using printing to manufacture electronic memory minimizes the number of process steps, which in turn dramatically reduces manufacturing costs and lowers the environmental impact compared to traditional semiconductor processes.