Chipless RFID tags do not contain a chip or electronic circuit, and thus store information purely in the electromagnetic materials which comprise the tag.

Chipless RFID sensors have no onboard chip, they require no active power and can be manufactured at a very low cost. The data received by the reader is purely an analog signal representing the electromagnetic response produced by the material active layer and the external stimulus (such as temperature, pressure, humidity, etc).

An RFIC/RFID tags & sensors manufacturer Tagsense works with providers of innovative electronic inks and chemistries to develop a variety of low-cost RFID solutions as well as security technologies. TagSense is an active participant in the emerging field of printed RFID materials with emphasis on the following areas:

  • Printed RFID antennas
  • Printed RFID sensor elements
  • Anti-counterfeiting and authentication

In addition, as a migration path from barcode technology to RFID, Tagsense has also developed unique tagging technologies which are based purely on ink alone, without the need for any electronic chip.