Programmable Hall Sensor Integrates Diagnostics And Capacitors

Allegro MicroSystems Inc.
November 30, 2016

For both automotive and non-automotive applications, the A1342 programmable Hall-effect linear sensor integrated circuit (IC) provides an open-drain output. The BiCMOS, monolithic IC incorporates a Hall sensing element, precision temperature-compensating circuitry, a small-signal high-gain amplifier, proprietary dynamic offset cancellation circuits, advanced output linearization circuitry, and advanced diagnostics. A key feature of the A1342 is its ability to produce a linear output for non-linear input magnetic fields. To achieve this, it features 16-segment customer-programmable linearization, where a unique linearization coefficient factor is applied to each segment. Linearization coefficients are stored in a look-up table in EEPROM. Additionally, the device has two configurable output options: SENT or PWM. In addition to SAEJ2716, the IC includes two additional proprietary SENT options: SSENT and ASENT. The A1342 is available in a through-hole, three-pin SIP package (UC suffix), with 100% matt-tin leadframe plating. The UC package includes integrated capacitors for improved ESD performance and to enable PCB-less designs. Download a copy of the A1342 Hall-effect linear sensor IC data sheet at

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