• IoT is a growing technology and category. Gartner forecast calls for 6.4 billion connected things in 2016 which will grow to 20.8 billion connected things by 2020.
  • To enter the IoT market space, designers need the ability to quickly retrofit existing products with cloud connectivity or test cloud integration with new product concepts and ideas.
  • For initial prototype development, building a cloud solution to connect to can represent significant financial and engineering investment. Some larger cloud providers require substantial technical resources in order to integrate a basic implementation.


  • To address the need for an IoT prototyping environment Renesas has created the Renesas IoT Sandbox which is a cloud-based developer area that propels IoT prototyping.
  • The Renesas IoT Sandbox represents the fastest path from IoT concept to prototype and when used in conjunction with the Renesas Synergy embedded development platform can quickly bring an embedded product from embedded development to connectivity.
  • Using the Renesas Synergy platform developers can quickly build IoT solutions by prebuilt integration with the ThreadX RTOS as well as a TCP/IP network stack, integrated security, file access system, USB stack and GUI design tools.
  • The Sandbox includes web and mobile interfaces to visual sensor data as well as integration with third party services such as weather, email and customer relationship management software.
  • The Sandbox also provides cloud-based analytics and graphical tools to process data called workflows.
  • The Renesas Synergy platform is a production grade embedded development platform that allows for code written for a prototype to be used for production.
  • For cloud production, Renesas has pathways with partners for customers to take their prototype to a production cloud environment.


  • With the rapid pace of advancement in the IoT space, designers need tools that will allow them to quickly test, evaluate and iterate on their design ideas. These tools need to allow for low-cost prototyping.
  • The Renesas IoT Sandbox in combination with the Renesas Synergy platform accelerate a designer’s prototyping capability via pre-integrated embedded software components and a free cloud based prototyping environment.