Quantum Cryptography poses a method for secure key exchange over an insecure channel based on the nature of photons, which have polarization. Quantum cryptography describes the use of quantum mechanical effects i.e. in quantum communication and quantum computation to perform cryptographic tasks or to break cryptographic systems. Quantum cryptography has a special defense against eaves dropping, that is if any enemy measures the photons during transmission, he will use the wrong basis half the time, and thus will change some of the polarizations. Quantum cryptography uses physics instead of mathematics to encode and decode information or messages.

Quantum Cryptography Advantages & Applications

  • Quantum Cryptography is used in Quantum communication to securely exchange keys.
  • The use of Quantum cryptography allows braking of various public-key encryption and signature schemes.
  • Quantum Cryptography secures the information from eaves dropping providing proper authentication.
  • Quantum Cryptography is used in quantum key distribution. Quantum key distribution is a process of using quantum communication to establish a shared key between two parties without a third party.
  • Quantum Cryptography is commonly used in cryptographic protocols.

Quantum Cryptography Limitations

  • Quantum cryptography is limited to short-range transmissions.
  • Quantum cryptography is expensive, only some industries have so far begun testing the system by this technique.
  • Sometimes Quantum Cryptography involves losses and multi photon states with disturbs perfect detection of information.

Quantum Cryptography requires various forms of technology and expertise in areas such as quantum mechanics, optics, devices, electronic control, and information processing. Integrated quantum cryptography system introduces future technologies into practical application. Quantum cryptography is closest to practical use and can be applied in quantum computers and quantum teleportation.

Quantum Cryptography encrypts and decrypts data using high-speed modern cryptography and communicates the encryption key with absolutely secure quantum cryptography. By combining these two cryptography technologies, this novel system brings absolutely secure future technologies a step closer to practical use.