Modern Driver Assistance Systems should not be limited to luxury vehicles and heavy trucks. A wide range of mass-market family vehicles all over the world could receive the benefits of safety and convenience systems, including Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Collision Mitigation, if more affordable sensors were available on the market. To meet this need, TRW Automotive has developed the AC100 Medium Range Radar Sensors and AC1000 Short Range Radar Sensors using the 24GHz ISM narrow frequency band.

Radar Driver Assist Systems for Modern VehiclesTRW Automotive has been manufacturing its own forward-looking radar units for almost ten years for Adaptive Cruise Control, and is now developing the next-generation radars for corresponding side- and rear-facing safety and convenience applications.

AC1000 Short Range Radar Sensors are scalable in terms of performance, and can be used for a range of safety and convenience functions, including 360° Environmental Sensing with Blind Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist, Side Impact Sensing, and Low Speed Forward Collision Warning.

Depending on their mounting locations in the vehicle, the sensors can be used for multiple applications – either singly or in groups.
This is ideal for vehicle manufacturers who may wish to start with basic driver assist functions but upgrade them in the future, or to create a modular range of safety and convenience systems that can be offered across multiple vehicle models and trim levels. The sensors can operate independently or be connected to a central DAS data fusion hub to build a more complete model of the environment around the vehicle.

For example, a basic system could comprise a single forward looking radar sensor for collision warning; a mid-level system could add a pair of rear-mounted radars for blind spot detection / lane change assist; and a premium system could add additional sensors for traffic jam assist, side impact detection and automatic parking.

These radar sensors can also interface with the vehicle’s Electronic Stability Control and Electric Power Steering systems to provide: Collision Mitigation Braking, Traffic Jam Assist, and Semi-Automatic Parking Assist.

The AC100 Radar Sensor can also interface with other vehicle systems to improve passenger safety, including activation of reversible restraint systems such as TRW’s Active Control Retractor for seat belts. The sensor supports a number of additional functions, including Distance Warning and Collision Warning, and with its improved waveform, the AC100 has enhanced fixed-obstacle detection, which is essential for Follow-to-Stop Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).