Enables the connection of up to four antennas

By Alex Pluemer, contributing writer

Energous Corp.
builds on its WattUp wireless charging 2.0 technology with the launch of its  DA2223 receiver chip. Measuring 1.7
× 1.4 mm and less than 0.5 mm thick, the four-port RF-to-DC wireless power chip
is suited for wireless charging solutions in smaller electronic devices. Touted
as the smallest RF rectifier IC in the company’s product portfolio, the DA2223
chip’s target applications include True-Wireless Stereo earbuds, hearing aids,
fitness trackers, and wearables.


The DA2223 IC
features four RF-to-DC receiver paths, enabling the connection of one to four
antennas depending on power required and available antenna area. Multiple
antennas can be employed to increase received power for applications with a larger
area. The receiver IC also provides external RF input matching for greater
flexibility and RF-to-DC conversion optimization.  DC outputs are internally clamped to limit
the output voltage within the range of most DC regulators.

Key features

  • Four RF-to-DC rectifiers, enabling the
    connection of up to four antennas for freedom of placement while charging or to
    pair the rectifier paths for increased power
  • Dual frequencies: 915 MHz or 5.8 GHz
  • 12-pin wafer-level chip-scale package
    (WLCSP), simplifying integration
  • Works in conjunction with other
    Energous IC solutions

A complete WattUp
wireless power receiver includes a single DA2223 IC with a matching circuit
using two standard discrete components and a 2 × 3-mm antenna. The small form
factor makes it suited for use in small electronic devices in which a
coil-based wireless charging system is not practical, said the company.

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