ConnectedHealth’s eHealth platform is used for Remote Health Monitoring, Diabetes Management and eFitness, with which the patient’s glucose, weight, blood pressure measurements and other vital signs are constantly registered and automatically uploaded to the secure server for access by health care providers. The eDiabetes Portal tracks readings which enables the patient to adjust insulin usage in consultation with their doctor, analyze over time behavior, send reminders for tests and treatments, and alerts in case of potential hazardous conditions.

Remote Health Monitoring System with Smartphone and Bluetooth Medical DevicesConnectedHealth Remote Health Monitoring system by bringing together a wireless eDiabetes gateway device, wireless connectivity via Continua-standards devices, access to Microsoft HealthVault and e-commerce transaction capabilities with diabetic suppliers. Such a system is difficult to replicate given core IP in eHealth Bluetooth connectivity software, authenticated e-commerce engine, and wireless health gateway design. The ConnectedHealth system is described below:

  • Health Gateway: Uses Android phone and Connected Health SIM card for data connectivity, configured to automatically boot up and start Connected Health’s Health Manager Application.
  • Android HMA (Health Manager Application): The Android HMA is an application developed by ConnectedHealth which will be pre-installed on the Android Phone. The role of the HMA is to act as a gateway routing data from medical devices in the Patient’s home to a central Electronic Medical Record housed at a secure site, and accessible by the Managed Healthcare organisation.
  • Bluetooth Medical Devices: The Health Gateway communicates seamlessly with Bluetooth medical devices. Currently, the following medical devices will be supported 1) Bluetooth Weighing Scales 2) Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitors 3) Bluetooth Glucose Meters and 4) Bluetooth Pulse Oximeters. Additional devices such as Spirometers, Pill Dispensers and pedometers are being added.
  • ConnHealth Server: The ConnHealth Server is the conduit between patient data transmitted from the HMA and the EMR system. Data from the Patients home is transferred via the cellular network, to the ConnHealth Server. Data is then packaged in the HL7 CCR format and transmitted via a secure VPN connection, to the customer’s EMR servers.
  • Healthcare Provider: Once the Patient’s Personal Health Records are transferred and integrated into the patient’s Electronic Medical Record, the data is then part of the data flow and is managed by the Healthcare Organization, according to their treatment regimens and work flow.