RZ/N1L development board reduces design risk and accelerates time-to-market

The solution kit features a highly integrated RZ/N1L development board, which provides system developers with access to the resources of the RZ/N1L MPU, including a two-channel Ethernet port for use in daisy-chain topologies or as an end-node slave with system monitoring. The board includes 32 MB external flash memory for code and data, a debug port, push buttons and LEDs and is USB powered. The stand-alone RZ/N1L development board acts as a reference design for component selection and layout that applies to hardware design guidelines associated with the different protocol requirements, which reduces design risk and delays.

General API provides common software infrastructure for leading industrial network protocols and accelerates application development

The RZ/N1L Solution Kit leverages the general API that acts as a generic open abstraction layer and provides unified support for different network protocols from leading stack partners in addition to compiler and OS environments. System developers can easily switch between protocols as needed, with minimal impact on the application software.

Sample code and protocol stacks are provided with the solution kit with no additional costs, allowing developers to easily evaluate different protocols with their applications. For example, the remote IO reference, as well as the EtherCAT sample reference provide easy frameworks for building a wide range of networking functionalities.


The RZ/N1L Solution Kit will be available for customer evaluation starting April 2018. For more information please contact your Renesas sales representative. The kit includes a variety of sample applications, development tools, drivers as well as evaluation versions of the protocol stacks for faster prototyping and integration. (Availability is subject to change without notice.)