Growing the rental business of expensive high end electronic test & debugging tools and other supporting test setup equipment. Technology is changing and reinventing itself at such a rapid pace that purchasing new equipment is undoubtedly a poor investment. It’s like buying a brand new car: it loses a good percentage of its value the moment it’s driven off the dealer’s lot.

dpo-mixed-signal-oscilloscopeRenting tools not only saves on immediate cost for projects that have budgets and deadlines, but expenditure budgets such as regular service and maintenance cost. Investing capital money in technology that becomes obsolete a couple years later is unattractive. Many times, the equipment will not be utilized enough throughout the fiscal year to justify the purchase.

Renting test equipment allows the completion of projects without sacrificing profit margins.

If you know you will be using the equipment at least 65% of the time then it makes sense to make a purchase. Otherwise, utilization under 65% just doesn’t pay; after factoring in depreciation and maintenance you end up losing money.

Typically, test equipment products available for rent for a small percentage of their purchase price. Through renting test and measurement equipment can be determined with minimal financial obligations.

Advantages of Test Equipment Rental:

  • Saves you time by providing calibrated equipment and cost-effective solutions
  • Avoids capital expense
  • Competitive rental rates. Pay only for what you are using
  • Expert applications assistance
  • Helps to evaluate equipment before purchasing
  • Protects against obsolescence
  • Keep projects on schedule
  • No need to calibrate or maintain, and saves maintenance cost
  • Eliminate the need for carrying in – house spares and expertise for repairing your own equipment