RFICs are Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits designed for wireless communication systems using CMOS IC technologies. Applications of RFIC chips are RFID tags, WLAN ICs, low-power WiFi SoC chips, GSM/CDMA cellular modem ICs, LTE/Wimax modems, FM transmitters/Recievers, low-noise RF amplifiers, to name a few. As the RFICs are designed to work at MHz/GHz frequency range, prototype RFIC simulation, analysis and verification is exteremely critical job for an RFIC Design engineer. Agilent’s GoldenGate RFIC simulation software is one of the good tools available for RFIC simulation and verification.

Before taping out an RFIC, designers need to verify to IC specifications by performing simulations of the RF chain. These simulations must include the effects of layout parasitics, digital control circuitry, complex RF modulated signals, and variations in process, voltage and temperature. Agilent’s RFIC design solutions increase simulation coverage of these effects, so that the RFIC can be fully characterized and verified prior to tape-out.

Agilent’s GoldenGate Plus EDA software provides industry-leading circuit simulation technology along with the leading 3-D planar electromagnetic (EM) simulator system-level simulation and design solutions for the performance of the circuits. Agilent’s Goldengate is aimed at the design of large-scale RFICs used in wireless communication product design.

Key Features of Goldengate RFIC Simulation & Analysis Software

  • Speed and Capacity enables full characterization of complete RF transceivers, including parasitics, prior to tape-out.
  • Performs both small and large signal analysis including DC, Transient, AC, Harmonic Balance, Envelope, Convolution, Noise, Yield, and Verilog-AMS co-simulation
  • Includes a suite of automation tools to quickly analyze circuit performances and diagnose problematic issues with mixed-signal RFICs earlier in the design cycle
  • Part of Agilent’s unique RFIC flow that links the RF system, subsystem and component-level design and analysis as part of a comprehensive design flow
  • Delivers increased manufacturability using powerful Monte Carlo, Corners and Yield analysis capability
  • Uniquely verifies 3G and 4G RF performance using standards-based system level test benches