Atmel’s CryptoRF is the world’s first 13.56 MHz RFID devices with a 64-bit embedded cryptographic engine, dual authentication capability, and up to 64 Kbits of RFID memory, each with up to 16 individually configurable sectors.

CryptoRF product labels, tags, and cards are virtually impossible to copy and offers RFID hardware security, which is superior to any software solution. These low-cost security devices are ideal for applications that are:

1) prone to counterfeiting such as high-value consumer items and software,
2) require a permanent record of the chain of ownership such as pharmaceutical tracking,
3) use contactless smart cards for cash transactions like bus passes, loyalty, or campus cards.

Why use CryptoRF RFID cryptographic Engine Hardware Security

  • Offers hardware security, which is superior to any software solution
  • Combines hardware security with key diversification, therefore delivering a superior security solution
  • A hardware security solution makes attacks significantly more difficult
  • Key diversification scheme limits any attack to only one unit
  • Shorter application development cycle time

Secure Dynamic Mutual RFID Authentication Capability

CryptoRF devices have a 64-bit embedded hardware encryption engine, four sets of non-readable, 64-bit authentication keys, and four sets of non-readable, 64-bit session encryption keys. Rather than using passwords that are easily captured during contact-less transactions, CryptoRF devices use the authentication keys, session encryption keys and a random number to generate a unique identity, or "cryptogram", for each transaction. The host reader and the CryptoRF device must both be able to duplicate each other’s cryptograms before any data can be accessed or written.

Dual Authentication Supports RFID Cash-Equivalent Cards

Uniquely, CryptoRF devices allow two completely independent users, each of which has its own separate authentication key to access the same section of the memory. This feature is useful for applications such as cards used in cash-transactions.

ISO14443 Type B RF Interface

Atmel’s CryptoRF devices integrate a 13.56 MHz radio based on the ISO 14443-B standard with a range up to 10 cm. CryptoRF is deliverable as modules for creation of RFID cards, complete RFID tags, and thinned wafers.

RFID Cryptography Security Development Tools

Atmel offers a comprehensive range of CryptoRF reference designs, demonstration kits and application software that facilitate the implementation of CryptoRF into existing products in applications such as contact-less payment, product authentication, patient safety, and patron management.

Applications of CryptoRF RFID cryptographic Engine

  • Production Authentication
  • Public Transportation
  • Anti-Cloning
  • Driving License
  • Track and Trace
  • E-Purse
  • Energy Meters
  • Health Cards
  • Campus Cards
  • Logistics Management
  • Secure Access Control
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Identification
  • Insurance Cards