AT4 Wireless RFID / NFC Protocol Testing System is the most powerful testing tool for RFID Conformance testing, development and manufacturing support, performance evaluation and worldwide benchmarking. AT4 Wireless RIDER RFID/NFC Testers support the most important RFID standards and technologies in the UHF and HF bands. RIDER Test Systems have been designed as a flexible, scalable and open testing platform to support existing and future RFID applications and technologies, covering not only Conformance RFID Test Standards (EPC Gen-2, Mobile RFID & NFC standards) but also RF and Protocol design and verification testing beyond conformance requirements.

RFID / NFC Testing Systems from AT4 Wireless

RFID NFC Protocol Testing SystemRFID UHF Conformance Test System – RIDER T3110 UHF Conformance Test System is the most complete, scalable and flexible test platform for EPCglobal Generation-2 UHF RFID Protocol for Communications at 860-960 MHz.
It supports RF and Protocol Gen-2 testing requirements for physical interactions and operating procedures and commands between RFID Interrogators and Tags.

RFID HF Conformance Test System – The RIDER T3111 is a one-box test instrument capable of executing the most significant RF and Protocol test cases covered in the RFID Technology standards operating in the HF band. The RIDER T3111 HF Tester supports the following standards:
1. NFC Forum Digital Protocol Specification
2. NFC Forum Analog RF Specification
3. ISO standards for NFC: ISO/IEC 14443 & ISO/IEC 18092.
4. ISO standards for RFID HF: ISO/IEC 18000-3 & ISO/IEC 15693

RFID HF R&D Test System – Beyond the scope of Conformance testing, the RIDER T3121 test solutions also support R&D testing for NFC devices, smartcards, e-Passports, RFID readers and tags, and, in general, every device based on RFID technology operating in the HF band.