RFID technology gives businesses, governments, and consumers a safe, private, and unobtrusive way to keep track of it all. Consumers benefit from shorter lines at checkout counters, in hospitals, libraries, and gas stations because RFID fast-tracks them to the front of the queue. The can also benefit from lower prices because of the efficiencies RFID brings to the supply chain.

Business and institutions are turning to RFID technology as they comply with government product-tracking regulations, seeking to limit theft, reduce out-of-stock losses, strengthen brand loyalty, and make interaction with customers a more positive experience.

RFID is a mature, thoroughly tested technology. In most RFID applications, the period of trials, testing, and economic feasibility studies is over. Large-scale RFID system rollouts are underway.

RFID Applications & Business Solutions

  • RFID for Access Control
  • RFID for Asset Tracking
  • RFID for Construction
  • RFID for Event Management
  • RFID for Field Service
  • RFID for Fleet Maintenance
  • RFID for Healthcare
  • RFID for Livestock
  • RFID for Manufacturing
  • RFID for Marinas
  • RFID for Oil & Gas Industry
  • RFID for Parking Control
  • RFID for Railway
  • RFID for Supply Chain
  • RFID for Data Centers
  • RFID for Automobile security
  • RFID for Automobile Theft detection
  • RFID for Animal tracking
  • RFID for Contactless Payments