Adaptive enclosure lighting system delivers up to 1,200 lumens

to be the first lighting system designed specifically for enclosures, the LED
System Light is built so that it can shine
into every corner of an industrial enclosure, delivering from 900 to 1,200
lumens, up to three times the luminous flux of the next-closest competitor. Providing
lighting tailored to the geometry of the enclosure, the system disperses light
through a special optical cover with Fresnel structure in two designs for
precise lighting. The Fresnel lens uses a prism-like pattern to provide
magnified light coverage. The cover rotates easily for adaptive light


The system matches
the footprint of current fluorescent lighting to simplify specification
requirements. Installation is simplified by using fast, tool-free assembly on a
latching-hook system with a 25-mm pitch pattern of holes to simplify latching and
securing. Optional screw-fastening is also available, or a magnetic attachment
to freely position the light anywhere in the enclosure. The light may be fitted
horizontally or vertically to minimize loss of space in the enclosure. Lights
with motion detectors are equipped with a rotating LED board as standard,
allowing the direction of the light to be adapted for a particular installation

The cable
connection rotates a full 90° and, with a swivel option, the light direction
can be changed to spot-illuminate any part of the enclosure. Through-wiring is plug-and-play,
and the system can be additionally equipped with a socket for available
electricity wherever it’s needed for maintenance work. The UL-certified lighting
works with a wide range of voltages: 100 to 240 Vac and 24 Vdc.