ROHM unveils new line-up of thick film chip resistors

ROHM is making available a new line-up of high power wide terminal thick-film chip resistors (10-910mΩ) that are suitable for current detection in a variety of applications, including inverters, AC, and energy-efficient appliances.

Following a thorough review of resistive materials has allowed ROHM to improve rated power to 2W in the compact 2550 size (2.5×5.0mm, t=0.55mm) – 4x higher than conventional short-terminal types – contributing to improved energy savings and greater miniaturisation in high power applications.

The family is available in 48 values. In addition, optimisation of the element structure makes it possible to achieve best-in-class TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) characteristics among wide terminal thick-film chip resistors. The result is minimal resistance fluctuation due to temperature changes, enabling high accuracy current detection.

Recent years have seen a marked increase in the number of circuits used to monitor current in a variety of applications, spurring demand for current detection resistors for controlling and managing current. This significant growth in embedded components requires compact, high power resistors.

ROHM offers resistors that provide features such as high power, anti-surge, and sulfuration resistance that have been well-received in the industry. Adding this new line-up of low-ohmic resistors enables support for a wider variety of applications.

Neil Tyler