December 2011:- Equipment Solutions has introduced the RVC-5 Rotational Voice Coil Motor that provides a rather unique way to create rotational translation. This rotation or perhaps better described as tilting action is achieved through the use of a flexure bearing. Using advanced FEA techniques, this bearing was designed to provide infinite life while providing a tilt range of ten (10) degrees mechanical. The flexure bearing also provides a stiction and friction free to guide the users load such as a mirror. Eliminating those frictional attributes allows the RVC-5 to position the users load with unprecedented speed and repeatability.

RVC5 Rotational Voice Coil Motor for Rotational Translation using Flexure BearingThe RVC-5 Rotational Voice Coil Stage “tilts” the users load, typically a mirror, by pushing or pulling on the lever arm extending from the bearing. A voice coil motor is used to provide this actuation due to its superior force to size and mass charazcteristics. The voice coil motor is situated directly under the user load platform to help realize a very space efficient design.

The RVC-5 Rotational Voice Coil Stage includes a very high-resolution position sensor. This non-contact elctro-optical sensor provides a means to directly monitor the angular position of the users load with micro-radian scale resolution and repeatability. The sensor naturally produces an analog signal proportional to position and is noise limited.