Rotor-Stator Gap Measuring System Is Accurate And Easy To Calibrate

Kaman Measuring Systems
September 30, 2016

The GMS-750RS rotor-stator gap measuring system targets large-scale power-generation applications. The system employs the company’s proven eddy current sensor technology to provide accurate and repeatable gap measurements between 0.25 in. and 1.000 in. with a 0.001-in. resolution. It overcomes the difficulty of accurately measuring rotor and stator surfaces by incorporating leaf type springs that are compressed together when inserted between a rotor and stator. The distance sensed is the distance between the two target springs. This concept ensures the eddy current sensor mounted in between sees a consistent target, ensuring maximum performance. Featuring a long insertion depth and adjustable insertion stops, the GMS-750RS provides a LED readout of the gap in inches or millimeters. For more information, go to

Kaman Measuring Systems
Middletown, CT


Company Kaman Measuring Systems
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