RTLS is a Real-Time Locating System. RTLS tracks assets and people. Intelligent InSites offer RTLS+ solution for Hospitals. RTLS+ optimizes hospital asset management and transforms patient flow. RTLS+ is about solving real problems and creating solutions for healthcare organizations. RTLS+ means improving patient and staff satisfaction, while increasing revenues and decreasing costs at hospitals. They recognized that a successful RTLS solution must enable hospitals to improve their core processes, resulting in both operational efficiency and improved patient outcomes. That is why the InSites RTLS+ approach goes beyond the traditional RTLS solution.

RTLS+ Real-Time Hospital Asset Tracking and Patient MonitoringBy nature, hospitals are chaotic environments. With countless number of people and items moving about and interacting with one another all day every day, keeping track of it is daunting. Simple things, such as finding a staff member, patient, or piece of equipment, consume staff time and increase patient wait times. Bottlenecks, created by poor turn-around and inefficient patient flow in ED and OR rooms, in-patient beds, out-patient exam rooms, and procedure areas, create a ripple effect through the entire facility. The fact is, there are many different areas that could quickly benefit if only people understood what was happening and could get access to timely information.

By providing an easy way to collect data and by delivering a convenient way to make the information easy to use, healthcare organizations can improve how they operate and consequently deliver a better level of care to their patients. As every hospital has different areas of need, and different systems and processes in place, the InSites RTLS+ solution is able to address a wide spectrum of healthcare needs. So rather than using separate applications to solve niche needs, one can choose a software platform that would be able to address all needs.

Through the InSites “Essential” RTLS+ software applications, hospitals are able to more effectively manage their processes such as asset management or temperature monitoring, but just as importantly, clients are able to incorporate the data from the InSites Platform into their existing solutions to make them even better. Imagine an ED Work Flow application that could tell you what rooms are available and the status of your patients – without someone having to manually enter that data, or that your existing asset management application displayed the exact location of every piece of equipment and how much time it had been in use. Pretty cool!

The InSites RTLS solution works with any type of RTLS technology, including Wi-Fi, infrared/RF, passive RFID, ultrasound, and ZigBee, providing the flexibility to match the right hardware with customer’s unique requirements, or to work with multiple technologies in support of multiple use cases.

Intelligent InSites helps healthcare organizations reduce costs and improve care by transforming automaticallycollected data into actionable insights. Through its interoperable, hardware-agnostic, healthcare RTLS software platform, Intelligent InSites gathers data from real-time location, condition sensing, and other systems; then delivers meaningful information to the right person, at the right time, on the right device. Intelligent InSites’ customers gain enterprise-wide visibility and are able to impact continuous process improvements, resulting in remarkable financial and quality of care outcomes. For more information, visit www.IntelligentInSites.com.