With the introduction of the CapZero™-2 capacitor discharge ICs, power supply designers only need to qualify one part number for all their X capacitor discharge IC applications. This increases design flexibility and speeds time-to-market while reducing the resources required to qualify devices. CapZero-2 devices are safety-certified to CB and NEMKO requirements and so developers do not need to perform a separate safety test on the X capacitor discharge circuit of the power supply.

More, as shown in a new design example (DER-581), a 45 W flyback power supply can be implemented based on Power Integrations’ LinkSwitch™-HP and the CAPZero-2 device to perform the lossless generation of a zero crossing signal, while still reducing the standby input power. A zero crossing signal is commonly used to synchronize the turning on and off of TRIACs and other similar switches to minimize EMI and component stress.

A new video details how the smart, high-voltage CapZero-2 IC significantly reduces no-load and standby input power consumption.