PointChips developed SD/MMC Memory Card Reader Controller PP6580, a high speed USB2.0 device that implements the host function for SD card and the analog switch for accessing external other SD card. When the SD card data is to be transferred from PC via USB cable, PP6580 can transfer the SD data with high speed rate. If an external application (Mobile) wants to access SD/Micro SD/MMC card through PP6580, without changing application firmware, it can easily access SD/Micro SD/MMC card directly only by changing the internal analog switch to be embedded. This function has great merit that reduces the development time with minimizing efforts to modify the existing component and software when a new product including SD host function is to be developed.

Features of PP6580 USB SD/MMC Host Controller

SD/MMC Memory Card Reader Controller - USB SD/MMC Host Controller

  • Supports USB2.0 Specification. – High Speed 480Mbps / Full Speed 12Mbps
  • SD Host Controller. – It looks like USB device on USB Host side; it looks like direct SD card on application side
  • Analog Switch for the selection of SD card. – Both PC and application can share SD card by using analog switch
  • Complies with USB Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport specification Rev.1.0
  • USB cable PLUG-IN/OUT Detect Function.
  • Supports SD memory Card Protocol ver 1.10. – Max 20M-bytes/sec (48MHz SD Clock)
  • Supports MMC Bus Protocol Version 4.1. – Max 20M-byte/sec (48MHz MMC Clock)
  • Supports I2C. – For communication between GP6580 and application: transfer descriptor
  • Mini-PLL. – It can accept external 12Mhz, 13Mhz, 19.2Mhz, 26Mhz
  • USB 1.1 Bus Switch included. – The existing USB 1.1 can be used when not operating with USB to SD card function
  • Internal Regulator. – Input 5V and Output 3.3V/1.8V

The USB2.0 product with SD host function can be implemented in very short time easily. Typical applications include: Mobile Phone, PDA(Personal Digital Assistant), Car Navigation System, DMB, Digital Camera, etc.