Boasts a variety of configurations for greater design flexibility

By Warren Miller, contributing writer

OTTO recently unveiled its newest design,
the B3S sealed double-break basic switch. 
Developed for implementations with limited space, the B3S design can be
incorporated as part of pushbutton, trigger or toggle switch for applications
that require reliable sealing.

Don’t forget
that switches can be used in unfriendly environments, too. Humidity, vibration,
dust and temperature extremes can also impact a switch’s reliability and
lifespan. A switch with a robust sealing technique can avoid failures that less
robust switches are prone to.

for the B3S, in the normally closed or normally open 3-terminal SPDT (form C in
the below diagram) or 4-terminal SPDT (form Z) configurations, show it to
withstand a resistive load of 8 A of current for up to 50,000 testing cycles.
When operating at a standard 5-VDC logic level at 10 mA of current, the B3S is
rated at 1 million testing cycles. The operating temperature range is specified
at -40°C to +85°C. The operating force is 1.6 +/- 2 oz.
with a release force of 1 oz. minimum. These specifications and the rugged
IP68S seal make the B3S robust enough for a variety of challenging environments
and applications. 



Photo and diagram
courtesy of OTTO.

of switch design is important if a switch is going to be useable in a wide
range of applications. The B3S switch design boasts a variety of configurations
and features; quick connect, PC pins and wires are available for connections
and the switch itself comes in a single-turret or double-turret solder
style.  Double-break circuit versatility
is provided with options including normally open (Form X), normally closed
(Form Y), 3-terminal SPDT (Form C) or 4-terminal SPDT (Form Z).