Security Key Issuing protocol sets multiple key privacy authorities in addition to Key Generating center to protect the privacy of users private keys. Thus, Security key issuing protocol computes user’s private keys. The key escrow problem of ID-based cryptography is solved by the Security key issuing protocol. Therefore Security Key issuing is more important in ID based Cryptography.

In secure key issuing protocol, a private key is issued by a key generation center and then privacy is protected by multiple key privacy authorities. In this security-key issuing protocol, security is assured by using a simple blinding technique in pairing-based cryptography.

Advantagesof Security Key Issuing Cryptography over ID-based Cryptography

  • Security key Issuing Protocol in ID-Based Cryptography avoids key escrow problem.
  • A secure channel is not required in this security key issuing protocol.
  • Security Key issuing protocol inherits the revocation problem of the certificate based systems.
  • This kind of protocol uses a multiple authority approach.

Applications of Security Key Issuing Cryptography

  • Security key Issuing Protocol helps to make real world authorities more distributed.
  • Control and Observation can be make by using security key issuing in ID based cryptography.
  • Security key Issuing Protocol is used in the applications where powerful authority is required.