Can you imagine operating your TV, DVD/VCD player, and other consumer electronics with a remote that does not need batteries. You will see such self-powered battery-less remotes soon in the market.

NEC Electronics Corp. associated with Soundpower Corp., and they both jointly have developed a prototype of an environmental-friendly remote control that does not require battery. The remote control was realized by combining Soundpower’s Vibration Power Generation technology with NEC Electronics’ power supply control technology.

With an effort to enhance the convenience of the home electric appliances, NEC Electronics and Soundpower have been working together to develop a battery-free remote control since December, 2006. The newly developed remote control is based on Soundpower’s power generation technology that utilize the energy produced from vibration, combined with NEC Electronics’ microcontroller (MCU) with embedded radio frequency (RF) transceiver and power supply control technology that drives electronic circuits with a very small amount of electricity.

The new remote control generates electricity by utilizing the weak vibration caused by pressing a button on the remote control. The electronics circuits of the remote control are driven by this generated electricity to turn on and off a TV set, adjust the sound volume, switch channels and switch between television and video input.

The battery-free remote control solution is expected to be available by 2011.

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