Dust Networks, the leader in intelligent wireless sensor network solutions, has designed Self-Powered IPV6 Wireless Sensor Network, the SmartMesh® IP 6LoWPAN wireless network running on harvested energy. For the first time anywhere, all of the nodes in the network, including the IPv6 routing nodes, will run on energy harvested from a variety of devices including the Micropelt TE-Power thermogenerator and the Cymbet™ EnerChip™ CC rechargeable solid state battery trickle-charged by a small off-the-shelf daylight powered solar collector.

Self-Powered IPV6 Internet Protocol Wireless Sensor Network - SmartMesh IP 6LoWPANSmartMesh IP network managers and Zigbee IEEE802.15.4 motes (nodes) work together to comprise a complete wireless mesh networking system. The SmartMesh IP product line achieves unsurpassed levels of networking resilience, reliability, and scalability with advanced network management and comprehensive security. SmartMesh IP includes breakthrough Eterna™ SoC technology that enables up to 8x lower power consumption than competitive solutions even in harsh, dynamically changing RF environments. Its optional location awareness capability enables asset tracking and related functions. Cost effective, IP compatible, and widely applicable, SmartMesh IP serves an extensive range of applications, such as energy management, building automation, renewable energy, and other implementations in smart infrastructure that call for ultra low power.

The standard SmartMesh IP Evaluation Kit provides everything needed to demonstrate wireless mesh network performance, data monitoring, digital actuation, and event notification. For more information on SmartMesh IP evaluation kits, visit www.dustnetworks.com.

Dust Networks is a pioneer in the field of wireless sensor networking, and is defining the way to connect smart devices. Using standards-based network technology, Dust Networks provides reliable, resilient and scalable products with advanced network management and comprehensive security features. Dust’s broad portfolio includes SmartMesh® IP, SmartMesh Industrial/WirelessHART™ and ZigBee®. Dust provides complete wireless systems solutions, including IEEE 802.15.4 mote modules, mote-on-chips and network and security management software and hardware. Dust Networks is the undisputed leader in ultra-low power wireless mesh networks for industrial process automation applications. In providing the foundation for wirelessly connecting smart devices, Dust Networks inspires today’s and tomorrow’s smart data centers, smart factories and smart buildings and all of the intelligent applications enabled by wireless sensor networks. For more information, visit Dust Networks at www.dustnetworks.com.