Leaky water pipes pose serious problems for cities, as it leads to the loss of roughly a billion liters of clean drinking water every day. A self-powering robot, called TubeBot, a maintenance robot designed for use in the piping of urban drinking water systems. TubeBot is an autonomous robot that generates electricity from the pressure of water to power itself and keep it moving. The system ultrasonically scans the whole length of the piping system and sends the data to a remote location, where monitors get the exact location of the breach and dig up pipe only at that point to patch it up.

Self-Powered Robot System for detecting Water leakage in PipesTubeBot can detect defects and breaches in underground water pipes by scanning a length of the piping system and sending data to a remote location. The leak is located and can be repaired by opening up the smallest amount of street necessary, rather than breaking up roadways the entire length of the pipe. This is the zero-energy solution for detecting leaks in the water supply pipes of the urban drinking water systems of the world. TubeBot generates the electricity to power itself by harnessing the pressure that exists in the pipes. It uses turbines at either end to move through pipes and the coordination of the radial and axial expanders allows a worm-like movement through the pipe.

It’s quick at detecting and can fix almost all kinds of leaks. The tubeBot works without an additional energy supply, this is because it incorporates intelligent functionality of using the existing pressure in the pipes to move. By employing this robot, urban drinking water agencies can expect to save and conserve this precious resource.

TubeBot is designed by Kunsthochschule Berlin students, TubeBot still needs considerable research to enable it to fit into the smaller pipes leading off from main pipes of the water stations before it is available for purchase.