April 2017 – Now available in Europe through TTI, Inc., a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components, is a series of NTC temperature elements for a wide range of applications. The design is covering NTC elements with standard lead spacing, minisensor NTCs with flexible wires, glass encapsulated NTC elements for temperatures up to 300°C, as well as leadless NTC chips for bonding – sintering/soldering technology. The standard families have been qualified according to automotive standard AEC Q200.

The series of NTC temperature elements features the chip NTC S860 with resistance values R(25°C) between 5k Ohm up to 100k Ohm and a chip geometry from 0.45mm up to 1.70mm. Lead NTCs incorporate glass encapsulated NTCs for a temperature range between -55°C up to 300°C and resistance values R(25°C) from 2k Ohm up to 230k Ohm. The G1540 device benefits from an extremely short response time. Glass encapsulated NTC elements are also available insulated upon request.

For temperatures up to 155°C, epoxy coated minisensors or leaded NTCs with lead spacing (epoxy or lacquer coated up to 125°C) are available. Minisensors are indicated by bendable wires (stranded wire on request), resistance values R(25°C) between 2k Ohm and 100k Ohm, short response time and include versions with insulated lead wires.

Leaded NTCs with lead spacing are available with a wide range of resistance values R(25°C) of 1k Ohm up to 470k Ohm. The components are cost effective solutions for many industrial segments and are suitable for taping for automated mounting.