Module integrates EFR32MG1 Mighty Gecko SoC in a 12.9 x 15 mm package

If you are
looking for a quick way to get a some data points on to the IoT, you have lots
of choices. One good one would be a module configured for mesh networks like
Thread and ZigBee, which offer good wireless range and very well-known
properties – though without high-speed data transfer. These are great for applications
like the connected home, building automation, lighting control, security and
monitoring, industrial data collection, or smart grid/metering.

The MGM111 is a pre-certified
processing module from Silicon Laborenabling rapid development of wireless mesh
networking solutions. The module uses a Mighty Gecko SoC and is supported by flexible mesh
protocol stacks and complete wireless software development tools.


The module combines a 2.4 GHz radio transceiver, a Cortex
M-4 based SoC, high-efficiency chip antenna, crystals, and RF matching and shielding.  TX power is up to +10 dBm and RX sensitivity
is as low as -99 dBm. It has 256 Kbytes of flash, 32 Kbytes of RAM, a hardware
crypto accelerator, a random number generator, and an integrated DC-DC converter.
The cryptographic engine supports AES-128/-256, ECC, SHA-1, and SHA-256.

device has a 12-bit 1 ms/s A/D converter and a current mode D/A. Deep sleep
mode takes just 2.5 µA. Transmit current is 8.2 mA at +0 dBm, while receive
takes 9.9 mA. The module uses 1.85 to 3.8 V supply and operates over -40° to 85°C.
Samples available now. $12.85/ea 25.