Sensor-to-cloud kit has six sensors, Wireless Gecko SoC, full software

The Thunderboard Sense sensor-to-cloud development kit provides
all the hardware and software that an engineer needs to create battery-powered
wireless sensor nodes for the IoT. The “inspiration kit” includes six on-board sensors, a Wireless Gecko Cortex–M4
based SoC for multiprotocol cloud connections, 8 Mbytes of external flash for
over-the-air updates, and a SEGGER J-Link to simplify programming and debugging.
It ships with Silicon Labs’ ready-to-use cloud-connected IoT mobile apps, making
it easy to collect and view a wealth of real-time sensor data for cloud-based



The board has:

  • A Silicon Labs Si7021 relative humidity and
    temperature sensor
  • A Silicon Labs Si1133 UV index and ambient light
  • A Bosch Sensortec BMP280 barometric pressure
  • A Cambridge CCS811 indoor air quality gas sensor
  • A InvenSense ICM-20648 6-axis inertial sensor
  • A Knowles SPV1840 MEMS microphone

The kits SoC connects
with a 2.4 GHz chip antenna and supports Bluetooth LE, ZigBee, Thread, and
proprietary wireless protocols. It comes with 32 Kbytes of RAM and 256 Kbytes of
flash. The card also has a EFM8 Sleepy Bee MCU that provides fine-grained power
control. The package includes a mobile app for Android and iOS, iOS app
implemented in swift, Android app implanted in native code, full source code
available at GitHub.