StarChip introduced new secure SIM controllers (SCM320G and SCM288G) for addressing machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless communication systems that use SIM based mobile cellular communication network. StarChip M2M mobile SIM controllers have been designed to meet the extreme requirements encountered in the automotive, industrial, and wireless medical applications. StarChip secure SIM controller is fully qualified to address the M2M markets by extended characterization and production tests have been executed to guarantee the extreme requirements encountered in various applications (Automotive, Metering, Health Care, Industrial, Payment, Security, Maintenance, Computing, Maintenance…).

SIM Controller for M2M Mobile Cellular Communication SystemIn the world of cell phone networks, M2M refers to devices other than cell phones using the wireless network to communicate with other devices. Typically, a small device known as an M2M module is embedded in a larger device that needs to communicate over the wireless network. The M2M module contains the same type of radio and data circuits that would be found in a typical cell phone, but nothing else (no display or keypad, etc.). One of the key elements in such M2M module is the SIM controller to get access to the network as it must cope with extended performances in harsh environments.

As IT organizations around the globe rapidly migrate to wireless technology, the market for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is expected to soar. SIM technology has proven to be a robust solution for M2M applications, suitable for a wide range of diverse applications. Over the next two years, automotive applications are expected represent the largest installed base for SIM applications, eclipsing energy metering, security alarms, and POS terminal applications.

The SCM SIM controller family is based on Cortus APS3s 32-bit core enabling 20Mips@20MHz across an extended range of temperatures (-40°C to +105°C). A powerful combination of flexibility and extended performance with large data retention (>25years) and best-in-class endurance (up to 2 billion cycles) have been implemented to deliver a robust design suitable for harsh environments. SCF SIM Controller Family Features:

  • High-performance 32-bit core Cortus APS3s
  • Advanced RISC architecture
  • 25Mips @ 25MHz across a broad spectrum of temperatures
  • Advanced low power modes
  • Fully flash-based ICs, code and data with SST SuperFlash
  • E³ (ECUBE) -Endurance Enhancement Engine: up 400M cycles
  • Robust data retention (>25years)
  • TurboSecure Uploading System: 0.5Mbits/Sec including transmission and decryption
  • Secure lifecycle management: High resistance to cloning with locked functionality and exhaustive traceability
  • Smallest 32-bit core: Cortus APS3s – Native 32-bit capability at 8-bit cost
  • SST embedded NOR flash – High-density memory
  • Rapid software uploading in manufacturing – Cost savings
  • Direct purchase from foundries – Savings through reduced-cost value chain