• Siemens’ Camstar Medical Device Suiteis selected to build Sinocare’s MES system
  • Establishing a Digital Enterprise can help Sinocare realize visibility, traceability and regulatory compliance enforcement

Siemens today announces thatSinocare, a leading Chinese high-tech manufacturer of biosensor technology and rapid diagnosis testing products, has selected the Camstar™ Enterprise platform to build its manufacturing execution system (MES). The MES project aims to help Sinocare realize visibility, traceability and regulatory compliance enforcement in the production process, and build a foundation for future global operation.

Established in 2002, Sinocare has grown to be one of the leading providers of rapid diagnosis testing and monitoring products for medical use in China.Its leading products include blood glucose monitoring systems and mobile sample testing devices.Due to recent global expansion, the company found an urgent need for a digital enterprise platform to improve its manufacturing operation,as well as conform to regulatory pressure from FDA, CFDA and ISO.Sinocare has been looking for suitable MES solutions to overcome these challenges and digitally transform manufacturing operations.

“As we are expanding and growing our global footprint, we face the challenges of visibility, traceability and regulatory compliance enforcement in production process, and all these factors influence product quality and operation cost in this industry,” said Gu Zhongfei, director of manufacturing, Sinocare. “Siemens understands our working process and needs with its in-depth industry expertise. We see Siemens’ Camstar has been deployed in many medical device enterprises as the reliable MES system, and we trust Siemens in building our digital transformation to help us realize the goal of global manufacturing.”

The Camstar™ Medical Device Suite, Siemens’ leading MES system for companies of this sector,helps prevent process errors and supports paperless manufacturing and electronic device historic records (eDHR).According to Sinocare, the Camstar Medical Device Suite is the most effective solution toassist medical and diagnosis device companies to deal with challenges of keeping balance among reducing production costs, ensuring regulatory compliance enforcement and maintaining a high level of product quality. In the long term, Sinocare plans to fully achieve global manufacturing with the MES system and fully transform to a digital enterprise with Siemens’ solutions.

“Being selected by a company such as Sinocare, with a longterm vision for smart manufacturing, endorses the direction of the Camstar solution suite,” said Rene Wolf, senior vice president of Manufacturing Operations Management Software, Siemens PLM Software. “The latest version of the solution has a strong focus on out-of-the box capabilities, as well as interoperability and interfaces, making it more suited than ever to realize the full potential of the digital enterprise.”

With the latest release, medical device and diagnostic manufacturers can now leverage advanced scheduling features to eliminate non-value-added activities, balance production demand and capacity, analyze the impact of unexpected events and run what-if analysis to compare production alternatives and optimize the manufacturing schedule. In addition, new integration with the Teamcenter® portfolio enables closed-loop product development and manufacturing to enforce production processes and quality. Highlighting shop floor manufacturing deviations through 3D images, escalating them back to engineering for analysis and driving process improvement engineering changes back to manufacturing are key benefits of the Siemens’ digital enterprise value stream.

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