FPC connectors support USB 3.0, Embedded DisplayPort ver1.3, MIPI D-PHY ver1.1

Supporting USB 3.0, Embedded DisplayPort ver1.3, and MIPI
D-PHY ver1.1 high-speed communications standards, the FH58 family of
flexible-printed-circuit (FPC) connectors features a back-flip style actuator
that uses a dual-sided FPC. This design offers such benefits as PCB space
savings and excellent impedance characteristics, as well as high-speed
transmission. The back-flip style actuator and dual-sided, 0.2-mm-pitch contact
design also provide the high-retention force and reliability required in many
consumer, medical, point-of-sale, and portable electronic applications. Their
small size (3.1 mm deep, 0.9 mm high) and lightweight ( 0.046 g) particularly
suit them for wearable electronics.



Available in 31, 35, 41, and 51-position versions, the
connectors have wide tapers for smooth FPC insertion and also incorporate a
metal lock mechanism to allow for horizontal FPC insertion/withdrawal, producing
a clear tactile click that insures complete insertion. The FPC tab lock firmly
holds the FPC in place until the actuator is locked. The dual-sided contact
design employs a bottom contact spring to ensure high reliability and signal
continuity. This dual contact construction, along with the retention spring,
delivers a retention force of 15.0 N for the top contact and 14.5 N for the
bottom contact. Connectors meet halogen-free requirements and are RoHS