Libelium designed a new Smart Metering Sensor Board for Libelium’s Waspmote wireless sensor network platform enables very high reliability monitoring of 6 parameters for electricity & water supply, logistics and industrial automation using Zigbee, GPRS, or Bluetooth wireless radio network. The new smart metering wireless sensor board extends the system features by supporting the measurement of the following key parameters: Electric current, Water flow, Weight of materials and goods, Liquid level, Distance by ultrasounds, Distance and displacement of an object.

Applications of Smart Metering Wireless Sensor Network

Smart Metering Wireless Sensor Network for Utility Metering Automation

  • Electric consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Pipe leakage detection
  • Liquid storage management
  • Tanks and silos level control
  • Supplies control in manufacturing
  • Industrial Automation
  • Agricultural Irrigation

Smart meters allow energy usage to be precisely monitored and controlled in real time and are equally important for domestic and industrial customers. Most existing smart metering products are closed systems with limited wireless range making them unsuitable for most industrial uses. Waspmote wireless sensor network enables measurement to take place wherever required, for example from garages, basements, remote machinery and even from inside walls. The Libelium CTO, David Gascón, says “combining the new sensor board with Waspmote’s wide range of radios, enables monitoring of electricity and water usage in the most remote locations”. A wide choice of Bluetooth, GSM, GPRS, and ZigBee radio modules are available including, for long range purposes.