iOnRoad is a Smartphone Application of Vehicle Driver Assistance System. iOnRoad delivers a visual radar by combining real time day/night machine vision with sensor fusion. iOnRoad then calculates the time gap and collision potential with other vehicles and warns of high risk events. iOnRoad requires your smartphone being mounted in a car mount, placed such that the smartphone’s camera can see the road in front of the car. Audio and visual alerts to help ensure safe lane position and forward collision protection including: Headway Monitoring and Warning, and Forward Collision Warning.

iOnRoad Smartphone App - Vehicle Driver Assistance SystemWith iOnRoad, using a smartphone while driving has never been safer and helpful to prevent car accidents. While many of the smartphone users are distracted by their smartphone during driving, with eMail, SMS, phone calls and other application, iOnRoadTM serves as a guardian for the driver, alerting in threatening situations. iOnRoad provides driver visual and audio alerts at a sufficient time frames, in order to reduce the risk of accidents.

iOnRoad is for smartphone users who want an app to increase their road driving alertness, and improve their driving skills and personal safety on the road. Even very experienced drivers need help staying alert and are curious as to how their skills rank. With objective, in-vehicle tracking data, iOnRoad drivers get continuous and immediate visual and audio feedback empowering them to self-correct risky and inefficient driving maneuvers.

Headway Monitoring and Warning – By calculating the distance between the driver and the vehicle ahead, iOnRoad provides a time gap indication to drivers. The headway monitoring function provides the driver with both numerical (by millisecond) and color (green-yellow-red) headway data. The headway warning function provides an audio alert when the headway becomes critically short.

Vehicle Forward Collision Warning – Full screen visual and audio alerts assist in preventing collisions with vehicles ahead by alerting drivers to both moving and stationary vehicles, while filtering cars in adjacent lanes posing no threat. Alerts are provided up to 2.5 seconds before collision, and again at 1 second—enough time to safely stop and avoid an accident.

iOnRoad is designed to maximize safety and reduce environmental impact by helping customers make smarter driving decisions. Keeping safe forward distance reduces crashes and saves lives.