Smiths Interconnect extends DaVinci 45G portfolio

Smiths Interconnect has released the DaVinci 45G 0.65mm pitch coaxial socket, an extension to the DaVinci 45G portfolio, which provides high reliability and superior durability in high speed testing applications.

The Internet of Things, 5G wireless systems, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and self-driving vehicles have increased demand for products that require higher speed digital and analogue Integrated Circuits (ICs). In addition, the market trend toward the reduction of IC package pitch is expected to be driven by functional integration and real estate constraints in end-users’ PCBs.

Smiths Interconnect’s DaVinci 45G coaxial socket has been designed to provide a higher speed, compact solution supporting the tighter 0.65mm pitch requirements for testing GPUs / CPUs.The proprietary design ensures long lasting coaxial impedance accuracy because of the signal probe design and patented IM-coated body structure to achieve high reliability and superior durability in high speed testing.

The DaVinci 45G 0.65mm pitch socket offers a number of benefits, including:

  • High speed: >45 GHz / 32 Gbps (for 0.65mm pitch)
  • >3A current carrying capacity
  • Excellent heat transfer property
  • Rigourous design validation, RF measurements, custom electrical and mechanical simulations at Smiths Interconnect’s lab and engineering facilities.

Neil Tyler