Smiths Interconnect launches SpaceNXT Ku series of band circulators and loads

Smiths Interconnect has announced the release of the SpaceNXT Ku Series of high power WR75 circulators and loads.

The Ku-Band family of passive waveguide components is part of an initiative to create a broad range of readily accessible space-qualified waveguide isolators, circulators, terminations, transitions, hybrids and couplers operating within assigned frequency bands from X to V-Band.

The SpaceNXT Ku Series of Circulators and Loads has been specifically designed for MEO/GEO satellites and is offered with recognised testing sequences in order to reduce delivery times and overall cost of ownership. Testing is performed in compliance with general space qualification flow, incorporating industry standard power and environmental requirements.

The Ku Series currently consists of the WR75 model covering key performance characteristics at frequency bands from 10.7 to 12.75 GHz. The devices demonstrate low and stable insertion loss characteristics under maximum power. They are well sealed for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and constructed with a low-mass aluminium housing with chromate finish.

Neil Tyler