Software technology makes the electronics system design easy, and reduce a lot of manual work done by engineers. There are already a plenty of software tools available for most of the electronics design, simulation, testing, design analysis, manufacturing, verification, and validation of prototype hardware. A lot of environmental regulations such as WEEE, RoHS, REACH SVHC, Halogen-free, etc. became a part of electronics design. Software tools help to manage the material declaration data for a large list of components for various compliances. It is also possible to organize your projects in thst software.

What is RoHS/REACH Software?

The software tools available for RoHS and REACH compliance management, are nothing but database management software. These software tools help us manage Bill-of-Materials (BOMs) and components, with their compliance data and material declaration data for RoHS, REACH. In simple, the same software database can be implemented in MS Excel, MS Access, or any other existing database software you use for your electronics projects management and component engineering.

Why Software for RoHS/REACH Compliance Management?

  • Specifically designed for Electronics design Environmental compliance, so they support all most all of the electronics regulations.
  • Manual data collection and data management for RoHS and REACH is a resourceful and time-taking activity. Software tools help you collect and manage the compliance data easy. You can simply download the electronic documents from component manufacturer’s website and upload the data to software tool using file upload feature.
  • You use the same components in many projects, instead of preparing the RoHS/REACH compliance data separately, the software will keep the component’s compliance data, and generate the project-wise reports for you easily in the required format.
  • The component’s material declaration data is given by component manufacturers/suppliers in multiple formats such as pdf, excel, xml, JAMP AIS format, text, IPC-1752, etc. The RoHS/REACH software tools support file uploading and automatic data collection mechanisms for the above mentioned declaration file formats.
  • Flexibility to Regulations Updates: The RoHS, REACH, SVHC, WEEE, AEC, Green compliance, or any other electronics regulation is not fixed for lifetime. They frequently updated with new specifications and features. Manual updation of project-wise Bill-of-Materials for each revision of regulations is highly difficult. Software tools can be easily upgraded (when the software developer/vendor supports) to new versions to supplort the modified regulations.

RoHS REACH Compliance Software Tools

  • Environmental Compliance Software By Assent Compliance
  • GreenData Manager-Workgroup Edition By GreenSoft Technology, Inc.
  • Silvanus360 by ZSL Inc – Software for Recyclers aids in ROHS Compliance
  • RoHS Software By Aras Corporation
  • Environmental Compliance Xpress By Precience Inc.
  • BOMtracker – Bill of Materials Software By Actio Corporation
  • SVHC Factory Solution By EcoMundo
  • RoHS-Star RoHS Compliance Software By Innovxsys
  • Material Declaration Wizard/1752 (MDW/1752) software By The GoodBye Chain Group
  • RoHS Manager Software By Green Oak Solutions
  • iPoint Compliance Agent Software By iPoint-Systems GMBH, supports ELV, REACH, RoHS, RRR, etc.

Common Features of RoHS/REACH Software

  • Supports multiple regulations such as REACH Compliance, RoHS Compliance, Conflict Mineral Compliance, Halogen-free, etc.
  • Manage RoHS/REACH Compliance For All Products
  • Track REACH SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) throughout your supply chain
  • Gather, Store and Report on RoHS/REACH/SVHC Declarations
  • Act as a centralized RoHS/REACH management solution for your company
  • Manage All RoHS exemptions being used.
  • Gather, Store and Report on RoHS/REACH/SVHC Declarations
  • Enable Internal Engineers (or External Support) to input declaration assumptions into the system based on known material compositions
  • Improves tracking, management and control of information, centralizes processes and procedures in a single, secure location
  • Provides risk management, traceability, document management, visibility and reporting through across the global enterprise and throughout the extended supply chain
  • Integrated with Environmental Compliance, Document Management, Global Product Development, New Product Introduction, Outsourced Manufacturing, Risk Management, Supply Chain Management, Product Costing and Analytics and Configuration and Change Management