November 2011:- Micro Analog Systems Oy introduced the MAS6011 Solar Cell Energy Harvesting System Manager IC. MAS6011 monitors the supply voltage and charging of a battery-powered system containing a small solar cell. Possible applications for MAS6011 include Wireless Sensor Modules, GPS Modules, Electronic locks, Watches, Energy Harvesting etc. The current consumption of this IC is extremely low, 110 nA, which means the system can charge from very low light conditions and also stay in power down mode for years and still operate directly from the battery before recharging.

Solar Cell Energy Harvesting System ManagerTo be able to charge a battery also in conditions with very limited light, a large solar cell is usually used. This can on the other hand easily destroy the battery due to over voltage during strong sun light. MAS6011 solves this dilemma and will give secure protection of a secondary 3V battery over a big range of light strengths (lx).

The switching levels have been designed for usage with rechargeable 3V Lithium Vanadium (VL-type) batteries. Those batteries are compact, button-shaped, secondary batteries with very high energy compared to more traditional batteries. The self discharge rate is less than 2% a year which makes them very useful as a power source in systems that might be stored for a long time without re-charging.

Solar Power Monitoring Battery Charger Circuit

Solar Power Monitoring Battery Charger Circuit. Image Credits: Micro Analog Systems