Solar Bag Travelling Cahrger for Cell Phone and Camera
Travelware leader Traveler’s Choice Solar Bag generates power while traveling. The power generated by traveler bag can be used for charging cell phones, digital camera, laptop, netbook, etc.

Traveler’s Choice is introducing an innovative, next-generation of travel bags—all fueled by Power Plastic solar PV sheet. It’s checkpoint-friendly, so it goes through airports smoothly. It’s lightweight. And it’s durable. All of these qualities and more led Traveler’s Choice.

The Solar Bag contains a flexible PV solar sheet ‘Power Plastic’ that generates electricity from light and the associated electronic components necessary to charge cell phones and other handheld devices from solar power.

Traveler’s Choice solar bags integrate panels of Power Plastic, a built-in capacitor that stores electricity on board, and an energy meter. Under full sun, a Traveler’s Choice solar bag can charge a cell phone completely in two hours. Or it can be used to trickle charge devices, extending their battery life. And the bag can convert ambient and angled light into power.

As travelers become even more dependent on their handheld devices, they’ll be looking for new, sustainable ways to charge them—wherever they may go. In the future, ever-increasing levels of efficiency will let Power Plastic charge more power-hungry devices, such as laptops.