Mobile phone giant Orange has unveiled their latest innovative charging device and this time it’s a sound charging T-shirt. The Orange ‘Sound Charge’ t-shirt provides a revolutionary charging solution using sound to power your mobile phone. The tee contains piezoelectric film that converts sound into an electrical charge. Users can plug their phone in to the t-shirt, which uses noise-responsive technology, for a quick top-up charge whenever they need it.

Sound Energy Harvesting Shirt Charges SmartPhone BatterySet to be tested at this year’s Glastonbury festival, with an average noise level of 80 dB, Orange say the weekend sound provide enough aural stimulation to charge even your smartphone. The t-shirt is still in its developmental stage, but Glastonbury goers will be able to charge their phone at one of several ‘Chill ‘n’ Charge’ tents around the site.

Orange will be conducting live testing of the gadget on site at the festival to see which acts are the “best to charge to” around the Spirit of 71 stage. Tony Andrews, co-producer of the Spirit of 71, said: “Sound vibrations, particularly bass frequencies, will create enough shaking to produce electricity from a material as simple as piezoelectric film.

The Piezoelectric film panel and electronics are all fully removable to enable you to stick it straight in the wash. The development team behind the device estimate that when used at the festival with sound levels of around 80dB (roughly the same as a busy street), the Orange Sound Charge will generate up to 6 watt hours (W/h) of power over the course of the weekend – enough to charge two standard mobile phones or one Smartphone. Of course festival goers will also be able to plug in their phone for a quick ‘top up’ charge whenever they need it. The Orange Sound Charge is the latest eco charging innovation in Orange’s continued commitment to researching and developing alternative charging solutions.