Welcome to AspenCore’s Special Project “In Search of the Next Tesla.”

Musk has proven to be one of the investment community’s most controversial
CEOs. But since the days of Lee Iacocca, no automaker has garnered as much
adulation as Tesla, not only from car owners and car buyers, but also from
engineers in the automotive industry.

rival carmakers envy Tesla’s foresight in bringing over-the-air update
capabilities to the whole car.

Although it remains
unclear when Tesla will finally keep its promise to hit the market with a full
self-driving (FSD)
 horseless carriage, many Tesla customers
are showing a saintly patience. After shelling out an extra couple of thousand
dollars for their yet-undelivered FSD, they are more excited than troubled. As
much as ever, they just seem to want Musk’s project to succeed.

Above all, Musk’s
biggest contributions to the automotive market, if any, is that Tesla has put
the electric car on a sustainable path, as George Leopold, science and
technology writer, tells us.

We turn again to
Leopold, who wrote for us last summer “One Man’s Quest for
” and “Inside Tesla’s Model
. This time, we asked him to focus on the EV market, with an
analysis of the candidates
 most likely to become the next

The viability of
electric vehicles still depends precariously on the further improvement of
batteries and supercharging infrastructure. Here, we consider possibilities
on the horizon
 that could impinge  on the future of

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In Search of the Next Tesla
Regardless of whether Tesla manages to thrive, much less
survive, the company has put the electric vehicle on a sustainable path. And
there are no shortage of competitors ready to take electric vehicles to a mass

The Race for a Better EV Battery 
While the EV industry continues to struggle with further
improvements in the capacity of lithium-ion batteries and supercharging
infrastructure, metal-air and wireless recharging technologies are advancing.

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