Step-down DC/DC converters enable rapid compliance

System architects can now rapidly comply to international electrotechnical commission and safety integrated level standards with the MAX17572 and MAX17574 Himalaya synchronous step-down DC/DC converters from Maxim Integrated Products.

The converters are said to provide a 40% reduction in power dissipation and shrink solution size by 50% compared to other solutions.

With the MAX17572 and MAX17574, designers can operate 4.5 to 60V as well as reduce power dissipation and solution size compared to other solutions to rapidly comply with the IEC 61508 safety standard.

Key advantages include more than 90% efficiency across 50 to 100% of the load current and internal compensation to address any output voltage and switching frequency combination without compromising bandwidth for rapid design.

The converters guarantee 1A and 3A operation (5V output) and are suitable for high voltage industrial applications such as sensors, programmable logic controllers, industrial controls, distributed supply regulation, and factory/building/power grid automation. They are also applicable for battery back-up, Power-over-Ethernet, and data centres.

Operating in temperatures ranging from -40 to 125°C, the MAX17572 is available in a 12pin, 3 x 3mm thin-DFN package and the MAX17574 is available in a 24pin, 4 X 5mm TQFN package.

Peggy Lee